What I Offer


My life path and my studies have been eclectic.

I thought first to free myself, then to heal myself, then to be of service, then to be balanced. Throughout all of this I caught glimpses of something elusive which appeared to bind all of this together and at the same time called to my soul to continue to search.

I searched through religion, native spirituality, shamanism, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”). I spoke with people from all different experiences and with all different points of view. I listened. I found a measure of wisdom, I found an ability to hold space, to see different perspectives. And I found Sacred Balance.

Beyond being free, beyond healing, beyond being of service, beyond life-work or mind-spirit-body balance, beyond spiritual practice, is Sacred Balance. This is the divine blessing that weaves its way through all of our lives, all of our paths. When you walk in awe, grace, gratitude, compassion, love, bliss; when you know in your bones a Truth that will not allow you to step aside from it; when life’s  pleasures and difficulties are equally wrapped in ease and flow; when gratitude trips unbidden off your tongue and your heart overflows with it, then you are in Sacred Balance.

I take all that I am, all that I have learned, and all that I access to guide you along the path you came here to follow. I empower you in becoming the person that, deep inside, you hunger to be. I hold loving and non-judgemental space for you as, working together, I guide you in developing the self-love, trust and intuition needed to make the transition you desire. I do this by:

    • helping you identify what exactly you want to change and the steps required to do so
    • helping you realize that you do have within you what you need to make this transition
    • modelling a heart- and soul-centred life path
    • giving you tools and techniques to fast track your transition
    • supporting you in discovering your next steps in your life journey

In addition to private sessions, Priscilla offers workshops and courses. A popular course is the Self-Care course, which helps people recognize where they need self-care in their life, gives concrete individualized ideas on how to self-care, and develops the confidence to actually do it.

For more information on this course, or other courses or workshops you would like to see take place, please contact Priscilla.


“I believe that we are all essentially whole; no one is broken. My role is to guide you back to that wholeness where you have all the resources you need to become the person you are meant to be. You’ll gain a new sense of peace, clarity and purpose in your life.” – Priscilla Corcoran