Who I Am

Corcoran-93 Invisible BG

35 years ago I was a mother, wife, daughter, and worked in the government. We owned our own home, lived in a safe neighbourhood, and had food on the table. To some it would seem I had it all. Yet inside I felt dead. There was a black pit in the centre of my being, and nothing I did could fill it. I had learned to live with it by not looking at it – hiding – and by numbing it with food and spending. I was living the dream, and I was living a lie.

In a desperate attempt to save myself I reached out to a 12 step program for help with the food. Instead, what I found was a connection with Spirit that filled that hole and urged me to make changes to live a balanced life.

In the beginning that meant leaving my husband. I became a working single mother of three, determined to find a sacred balance in life. I worked in the government by day, struggling to deal with abuse and demoralization. By night I parented my children as best I could, guiding them to become people with respond-ability and heart. Weekends when the kids were with their dad were dedicated to salvaging my soul by exploring spiritual practices.

Soon the spiritual practice was brought into every aspect of my life. I learned to love and care for myself. I learned to forgive myself and others so that I could be free. I taught my children how to bring sacredness into their lives – balancing work and independence with compassion and grace. My spiritual practice changed and evolved over the years. I explored native spirituality, Unity church, forgiveness, self-care, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, hypnosis, Alchemical Healing, and more.  I became familiar with awe and grace and gratitude. I invited them in when dealing with the bumps in the road – suicide, arrests, disease – and I found the more I practiced sacredness, the more miracles appeared in my life and the lives of those around me. And I found the sacred templates were transferrable to other venues as well. I used them at work. I used them at home. I used them in medical settings. I used them in legal settings. And over time I realized that I had achieved a sacred balance, that I could face the highs and lows of life. Others started to come to me, seeking how to gain sacred balance for themselves. And I discovered that what had helped me gain sacred balance worked for them as well.

With humility and gratitude I offer my services to you.